Frequently Asked Questions


This FAQ should answer a few questions about CD-Rs.

What are CD-Rs?

CD-R is an abbreviation for CD-Writeable and refers to CDs made of a special dye that can be "burned" by a CD-Writer (also called a CD burner). This is different than a manufactured or "pressed" CD that has been created by a large manufacturing machine. You can usually tell CD-Rs apart from normal manufactured CDs by the color on the data side (the side opposite the label) - manufactured CDs will be a brilliant silver color, CD-Rs will either be blue, bluish-green, or a greenish color.

How will they affect me?

Depending on the age of your CD-Audio player, you might not be able to successfully play a CD-R disc. Most newer players (within about 10 years old) can play CD-Rs just fine - however, some of the original CD-Audio players cannot play CD-Rs.

Why don't all CD-Audio players play CD-Rs?

When Philips and Sony originally released the Compact Disc Digital Audio system in 1980 they had not yet envisioned the standard for CD-Rs - The players that were designed and released at the time were likely incompatible with CD-Rs because CD-Rs had not yet been released.

Are CD-Rs bad?

Only if your CD player cannot play CD-Rs. The manufacturing costs to produce a "pressed" CD are much higher than for CD-Rs when producing small quantities. Furthermore, the minimum order for a manufactured CD can be as high as 1,000 copies! Our albums that are published on CD-R discs are usually published in very small quantites. This method of publishing allows us to give you, our fans, a greater selection of music on CDs.

Why are you telling me this?

We have received a few complaints from customers who have CD players that cannot play CD-Rs - we simply want to have complete transparency with our customers on this issue. Rest assured, the quality of the CD is likely not at fault - Usually, the CD player in question is simply an older player or is unable to play CD-R discs.

What are some of the common complaints received about CD-Rs?

The most common complaint received about CD-Rs are of the disc skipping or simply not playing at all.

Is the quality any lower on a CD-R?

Nope. CD-Rs contain the exact same information that pressed CDs do.

How do I clean a CD-R?

Just like a normal CD. Check out this Wikipedia article for more info:

Are they really that different?

Different enough that some players simply can't recognize the disc. On a more technical note, the reflectivity of a CD-R is slightly different from a normal CD - because some CD lasers are more sensitive than others, they sometimes cannot cope with this change in reflectivity. This results in the player being unable to read the disc.

Online Store FAQ

This FAQ will answer some common questions about our online store.

What is the online store?

The online store is a place where you can stock-up on all of your favorite Doc Williams hits.

What is this Paypal?

Paypal is a "payments processing" company. They allow people (such as you, the customer) to send money easily across the internet to other people (such as us). It also makes it very easy for our international customers to send us payments in US Dollars as Paypal takes care of the currency conversion. For your information,

Is it safe?

While there is an inherent risk present in simply walking down the street, Paypal appears to be a relatively safe method to process payments.

Do I have to create an account?

Yes. This allows you to track and place orders as well as allowing us to track your order.

Why do I have to create an account?

Creating an account allows us to track your order from start to finish. It is also the way our new online-store software works.